Enough has been written about 2020. It was a year that was tough for many and, to be fair, we had things pretty good compared to many others. For my own reference (and a reminder for the future) I wanted to note the things I’m grateful for coming out of 2020.

Family: I’m so thankful for my little family unit at home. We got to spend so much time together, and I love them to bits.

Health: In 2020 we made a concious effort to take better care of ourselves – eating better (and less) and generally getting outside and being more active. I’m excited to be starting 2021 30kg+ lighter than I was at the start of 2020 (and hope to continue that momentum).

Plants: I’ve always been kind of terrible with plants – but mid-pandemic I discovered a new-found love for them. It have me an outlet, something to control, and something to write about.

Our house and yard: We’re lucky that our house has an outdoor area so we weren’t entirely confined inside. Being stuck at home also gave us the time and opportunity to fence it, get a trampoline and make it a much better space for the kids.

Stable and supportive workplace: I’m beyond lucky to work somewhere that was already remote-first, so there were was practically no adjustment to make for working from home. We’re also blessed to be relatively flexible so it was much easier to make accomodations for the kids being home all the time.

Private health insurance: My job also helps with Private Health Insurance which (along with an awesome public health system in Australia) came in really handy this year.

Challenging and interesting work: I’ve been lucky to get to extend my work this year beyond the normal core-requirements to be able to specialise and branch out into things that I’m finding fun and interesting.

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