2021: Looking forward

I’ve reflected on 2020 – and figure it is worth looking forward to the year ahead to think about what my expectations and goals might be.

I’ve never really liked the idea of ‘resolutions’ as such. They always feel like grand gestures. Huge changes which seem, by their very nature, to be set up to fail. What I do like is this thought…

When I look back on 2021 – what things will I be proud of, and glad I did.

Bbased on that – I do have a few things which I would like to have done by the end of this year.

Health and Fitness
I’m quite proud of the improvement made in my overall health in 2020 – and would like to continue that this year. I’d like to keep up the good habits I have in place, but also focus a little more on general fitness and wellbeing (adding yoga, and some other core strengthening).

2020 was a little all over the shop when it came to habits and routine. With both kids in school this year, I’m really hoping it will reveal an opportunity for our family to build some stability and routine into days and weeks.

This is a short one – I want to be more intentional about the things I do – and not go with the flow quite so much.

House and Garden
COVID19 meant a lot of time at home – and we made significant strides in tidying up our front yard and gardens. I’m hoping this year to continue that work – and also deal with a lot of decluttering and maintenance inside the house as well.

Last year made us re-evaluate a lot of our relationships. Not hanging out with people does a lot to give you perspective. This ties in with being intentional – but we want to be deliberate in cultivating the relationships which are good for us, and prioritising those.

That’s it for this year – let’s see how it goes. When you are looking back on 2021 – what changes/improvements do you want to see?


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