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Well i’ve been back in Wollongong for a little while now since heading over to New York to pick up the Webby Award. I’m astounded and grateful for the generosity shown by my supporters. Without their help I never would have made it over there at all.

The awards themselves were amazing. It was great to meet a bunch of amazing people from the Web Industry from all over the world. A whole bunch of talented people all in the same room. I met some super interesting people, and had some great conversations.

New York itself was an amazing place to experience. The scale of everything was just so huge, and dense. I absolutely loved it.
I also got a chance to visit a few interesting coworking spaces, which really got me thinking.

So a massive thanks, again, to all my supporters – and the chance to take the trip.

BTW, the local newspaper decided to cover the award win and trip. I’ve included it below.


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