Children of Men

I’ve been wanting to watch Children of Men for quite a while. I studied the book in school, and quite enjoyed it. I’d also heard good things about the film – that it hadn’t done well when it came out but it had aged well as people had come around to finding it.

Having read the book – I didn’t enjoy the narrative of the film as much as I’d hoped. But the visuals. Wow! The film looked stunning, in a really understated, un-spectacular way.

The violence was constant, but not sensationalised – it just happened in a kind of jarring way, then it was done.

The muted tones of distopian Britian were realistic in a way that made the whole thing feel very close to reality. And I’m in love with Alfonso Cuarón’s choice to film so many shots in loooooooong takes, tracking with the action.

This particular 4 minute shot was my favourite – it’s stunning to see how it came together. (Fair warning, there’s a couple of part of this which might be a bit confronting to some viewers – so use your discretion).


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