5 Years: Looking Back

Jordesign has actually been in existence for almost 11 years - but it is only since 2009 that it was something full time (rather than on the side). I was blessed to land a part time contract with Youthworks when we moved back from Christchurch - which gave me the baseline to decide I could go fulltime freelance. It's been an interesting 5 years - with plenty of lowlights as well as highlights. But I thought I would share some of the good stuff!

Recapping Hackagong 2013

Hackagong 2013 was held last weekend - and once again I was privileged to be involved. I teamed up once again with Rhys Powell (a super slick young web/iOS dev) and we managed to pump out a really polished final product by the end of the weekend. We created Whispr: a web app that allows private disposable chat without accounts, and without the need for a native app.

A Third Path

There's a great article over at GOOD talking about a 'Third Path' for school leavers, apart from school or university/college. I've been having similar thoughts recently - albeit along a slightly different track. Around Australia (and presumably the world) Universities, TAFEs and Colleges are pumping out design graduates. As a general rule, these graduates seem …