Cast your mind back to the 90s (if you can). For those who aren’t old enough to remember, this was a time before reliably being able to watch music videos on the internet (YouTube wasn’t anywhere near close).

The primary way you had to see the music videos of bands you liked was on television. If you weren’t lucky enough to have access to cable/pay TV to watch channels like MTV then your only option was RAGE.

RAGE was (and still is) a program that runs on ABCTV (the government funded free-to-air network on Australian TV) for the sole purpose of playing music videos. It plays overnight on weekends, and has a top 40(ish) show on Saturday mornings. One they would do is regularly ‘feature’ artists – letting them guest program the playlist and the playing songs by the artist.

In 1998 Radiohead was featured – so I set the timer on by VHS player to record it overnight (ask your parents, kids). I watched that video so many times – and was reminded of it the other day.

So I present to you – the Radiohead playlist from Rage sometime in 1998…

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