Remembering my Tshirts.

For a long time – I spent a significant amount of money on Tshirts – from bands/concerts especially, but also from other places.

Once I wasn’t wearing certain shirts any more, I found I had a stockpile of them taking up space. Before passing them on – I decided to take photos of all of them so I’d remember them for the future.

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  1. Sarah Cada says:

    Did you drape them onto a table? They look so artsy like that for some reason. Even the wrinkles look intentional!

    1. jordesign says:

      @sarahcada – yeah that’s right. They are draped over an IKEA ‘Lack’ table which ended up being a perfect size.

  2. Doug says:

    Is that two Exploding Dog robot hearts I spy?

    1. jordesign says:

      Sure is. I liked that shirt A LOT.

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