Responsive WordPress at WordCamp Sydney

I’ve been a long time fan of WordPress as a publishing system, and despite trying various other alternatives along the way, I have always ended up coming back to it as my first choice as a Content Management System for any website I build.

WordCamp Sydney July 21-22, 2012I was so excited when I heard late last year that there was going to be a WordCamp running in Sydney this year. WordCamps are community-run conferences purely for WordPress users, bloggers site designers and developers, and plugin developers. They’re a great chance to meet other users, learn from each other and make useful contacts.

The team has been doing a fantastic job of getting things organised for WordCamp Sydney 2012 which is on this weekend (21st and 22nd July) at Sydney University. I’m really looking forward to getting in there.

I’m also going to be speaking at WordCamp Sydney, on the topic of Reponsive WordPress.

I’ve been an advocate of responsive design since about 10 minutes after I first heard about it. Responsive Design allows you to present a single site (with one codebase) in such a way that it renders in an appropriate and optimised layout for different devices (phones, tablets, monitors) and screen sizes. It embraces the flexibility of the web, and makes sure that everyone gets the best possible experience.

If you’re interested in implementing a responsive design within WordPress, the talks are apparently being recorded, so I’ll put it up once available.
Or even better – get a ticket and come along and join us.


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