We recently started re-watching the absolute gem of a TV show – Rosehaven (if you’ve never seen it – I highly recommend checking it out on Amazon Prime).

Trust me – it was more interesting than this makes it look

The entire show is set in the fictional Tasmanian rural town of Rosehaven (actually shot around Huonville, Geeveston, and New Norfolk) and all of the establishing shots make we want to move there…

Whether sweeping drone shots of the landscape, or simple exterior shots of the ‘town’ – they all tell a story of quiet, relaxed beauty – something that looks incredibly enticing.

The main street of ‘Rosehaven’

The wide open spaces, quiet streets, morning and evening fog clearing into beautiful clear skies – it all adds up to a beautiful looking place. And can put you in mind of a simpler life. One with home-grown vegetables, a nosey neighbourhood watch, friendly nods and chats in the street, and quiet.

So much peace and quiet…

Add to that the houses! The era and style of so many of the houses is right up my alley. Beautiful retro, quirky, 50s and 60s looking houses in differing states of upkeep – but all equally amazing. I would live in any of them…

Now I know that exact reality doesn’t exist – but I like to think it does in my mind. And to visit in short 25-30 minutes snippets. Maybe one day I’ll be able to visit somewhere a little like Rosehaven…

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  1. Robert Felty says:

    I am a sucker for these kinds of shows. One of my favorite all-time is Northern Exposure, which is set in a small town in Alaska (actually filmed in Washington State I believe).

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